Hello! I'm Brian, a passionate creative with a focus in art direction and visual design. Born and raised near the warm Georgia coast, I am a true southerner with an accent to prove it. I love to soak in brilliant branding and captivating campaigns, also anything fried or sweet.


I recently graduated from the University of Georgia's Grady College. Advertising is my degree of choice, and I'm hoping to join the creative industry in an agency setting. I have a lot to learn but have an expanded skill set to help me get there. My strengths lie within visual storying spanning across print and digital to still and video. And I love a good challenge.

Talking Dog Advertising

Brian Austin

BTC Communications, Inc.

Brian Austin is a photography service brand, which I happen to own. Photography has been an interest of mine since a young age; my camera collection started growing before I was 10. Photography allows me to express myself in a very artful – yet technical – way. Six years ago, I officially established my photography business. And it's been an amazing adventure ever since! I specialize in weddings and portraiture, mostly along the Georgia coast. The business is definitely a one-man band. Every aspect of the brand was crafted by me and I serve each client personally.

Talking Dog Advertising is a student-run ad agency at The University of Georgia. The accounts are as real as the work the agency produces. And the work greatly benefits the agency's clients. My team was paired with a casual dining restaurant, White Tiger Gourmet. As the team's lead art director, I played a major role in the rebranding of the restaurant, including a new logo, website, and photography to match the restaurant's new visual style. Ultimately, sales increased for the duration of our campaign. This opportunity even led to my work being featured in a major publication.

BTC is a telecommunications company located in my hometown of Nahunta, Georgia. It started as a small telephone company and now operates a blazing-fast fiber network that delivers a multitude of services to its customers. I was employed by the company for nearly three years. Working across dozens of projects, I had direct experience in video production, motion graphics, graphic design, web design, and marketing. My primary job function was overseeing the daily operations of a local television channel, BTC 2. I produced many pieces of content from full-length to short spots.

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