Jekyll Island attracts more than three million visitors each year with its allure of a delicate balance of nature and humankind. Despite its small physical footprint, it's a major tourism destination with immense variety of activities, many operated by the Jekyll Island Authority. Tasked with showcasing this coastal destination within the rectangular bounds of a screen, my ultimate goal is entice folks to plan trips to Jekyll Island.
Premiering at the Georgia Governor's Tourism Conference, the video above was crafted as a significant sales tool for the island. Appearing in its full length here, it was created in a variety of formats and durations as part of a digital campaign for leisure travel. Created with Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects, its inspiring and beat-driven track is set to a mix of visuals mostly self-captured with handheld and aerial cameras.
While parking fees and complex technology may not be the most dazzling topic, I was tasked with providing a brief overview of Jekyll Island's new parking system. To compensate for the less-than-stellar requirements of the video, I crafted a bright, colorful, and entertaining video for the everyday Joe's and Joanne's driving to Jekyll Island. Using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Character Animator, and Adobe Audition, this asset lives digitally within Jekyll Island's website and has guided more than 17.5K folks through the purchasing process. 
Turtles make the world a happier place, especially when you get to witness their journey of health and recovery. The Georgia Sea Turtle Center, an amenity of the Jekyll Island Authority, is a wildlife hospital most frequented by sea turtle patients. Although the typical goal for most of the Center's patients is a return to the ocean, it's not possible for every turtle. In this instance, we partnered with Turtles Fly Too and the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station to tell Tsunami's story. This project was deployed across social channels and helped drive financial support for the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. 
There are (very few) things I love more than food. So, getting to experience the culmination of a master chef's award-winning recipe before my eyes (and taste buds) made for a mouth-watering project. This video supported Jekyll Island's Shrimp & Grits Festival as a hype tool ahead of the next festival. 
In 2022, Jekyll Island marked 75 years since being purchased by the State of Georgia for use as a state park. The celebration of 75 years was a massive undertaking for each department within the Jekyll Island Authority, all coming together to create a mesmerizing and year-long event. To kickoff the celebrations, we launched the video above to showcase the era. While most of the footage was captured before my existence, I crafted and produced this concept with assistance from archival video. 
An organization's success relies on the efforts and commitment of its staff. Fortunately, the Jekyll Island Authority is a team of 300+ members all dedicated to the success of Jekyll Island. Above is the result from being tasked with a behind-the-scenes look into the Authority to further encourage its staff. While only intended for a limited audience of my peers, it was a pleasure to collaborate in capturing their hard work. 


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