White Tiger Gourmet is a casual dining restaurant in Athens, Georgia specializing in barbecue and burgers. With nearly nine years of business under its belt, the restaurant lacked a consistent brand and communication strategy. In effect, brand awareness lacked greatly among the massive student population within Athens.
White Tiger's new logo
As a senior art director for Talking Dog Advertising, I tackled White Tiger's branding issues head on. A new logo was designed and implemented. It was created to be bold and different. After all, White Tiger is just that. The logo features a clean, geometric typeface with fine modifications and three bands of dispersed curves, which are as unique and delicate as a tiger's stripes.
Alternate logo ideas
style guide
 A style guide was also created to ensure the new single-minded branding approach across all content and marketing communication. Our color selections were pulled (like a pork sandwich) from White Tiger's environment. 
Digital ad
One key feature of our extended campaign for White Tiger was student events. Every event became a huge success by bringing crowds to line up at the door. Above is a digital ad for one particular event. The ad was carefully crafted to abide by the new style guide.
White Tiger's famous mac n' cheese
Photography was a major component of our strategy. All menu items were photographed (and, yes, White Tiger's food is as delicious as good as it looks). The new photography overtook White Tiger's social media presence – as well as the new website that my team and I created. My photography work for White Tiger was even featured in a major publication.
The results of our rebrand were incredible. Most importantly, sales had increased YoY every single month during our time working with White Tiger. In December 2015, sales had increased 38% as compared to the previous December.
My team went on to earn recognition within Talking Dog as the executive winning team, the highest honor of the agency. 


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