Although Jekyll Island may be bound by water, online retail sales provide a limitless opportunity to expand its reach. In the midst of a pandemic when physical stores were unable to welcome guests, the next best opportunity was to expand eCommerce efforts. Jekyll Island utilized Shopify for nearly a decade, and its storefront was quick to reveal its age. With close collaboration with Jekyll's retail team, I completely redesigned the online shopping experience. Total orders increased 80%, compared to the prior design, as well as a 12% increase in sales conversions. But, most importantly, the new storefront welcomed a 17% revenue increase in a six-figure amount.
Starting from a fresh slate, we reimagined the possibilities with the eCommerce platform. The design and architecture of the site was built for Jekyll Island's specific needs, with several retail locations selling within one website. Product photography was also rethought, with a clean aesthetic to bring full focus on each product. Upselling opportunities were also added across the site to prompt donations during checkout. 


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